UpCARE project aims to test and validate a training model for upskilling professionals working in the social care sector inorder to provide counseling to famillies with children in primary schools and prevent children’s behaviours which may result to gender based violence in their adulthood.

The project will design a training for professionals in social care services in the two pilot Municipalities with the contribution of the trainees who will provide their feedback at various moments of the training material development.

The results expected to be achieved are the following:

  • 1. Development of training material for social care professionals and conduct of training sessions (50 hours training for Greek and Spanish professionals)
  • 2. An assessment of the attitudes of professionals on gender based violence before and after the trainings
  • 3. A pilot primary intervention of preventing gender based violence in primary schools community by targeting parents.

The project foresees the implementation of 1 simulation training of 50 parents in Greece and 1 simulation training of 50 parents in Spain in local language. The simulation training targeting parents will serve in fine tuning the training model and support social care sector professionals to replicate it to the rest of the parents’ communities.

The ultimate goal of UpCARE is to establish a preventive service of counseling for parents in the two pilot Municipalities helping local communities to break the loop of gender based stereotypes and embed diversity.

The project aims to train a critical mass of:

  • Social care sector professionals both those working in the services of the Municipalities and those who are closely working with them.
  • Parents with children in primary school in the form of a simulation training for helping professionals replicate the training to more parents, covering the majority of schools of their area.

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